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How to Watch HBO Max in Germany [May 2024 Updated]

hbo max in germany
Watch HBO Max in Germany


How to Watch HBO Max in Germany [May 2024 Updated]

Is HBO Max available in Germany? No, HBO Max is not available in Germany. But you can watch HBO Max in Germany with a VPN. We recommend ExpressVPN.

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How to Watch HBO Max in Germany [3 Easy Steps]

  1. Subscribe to PremiumVPN and install its application.
  2. Log in to connect with the USA server.
  3. Download HBO Max App to stream anything you want.

Why do you need a VPN to Unblock HBO Max in Germany?

HBO Max is a geo-restricted streaming platform that is only available for the people of the USA. Therefore, people from abroad cannot directly access this popular streaming web.

Whenever you access HBO Max in Germany without a VPN, you will get a message.

“Sorry, HBO Max isn’t available in your region yet.”

hbo max in Germany geo blocked error

That is why there is a need for a Premium VPN to access HBO Max in Germany.

A premium VPN will replace the current IP address with the USA IP address to look like you are accessing HBO Max from the same region.

Quick Overview – 3 Best VPNs to Watch HBO Max in Germany

  1. ExpressVPN – is the fastest VPN that provides a premium experience. In addition, it has a good reputation for unblocking streaming sites. You can get 3000+ global servers in 94+ countries with ExpressVPN. Save up to 49% on its 1-year plan and stream any show. This way, you will only pay $6.67/month.
  2. NordVPN – is a secure VPN for reliable streaming. With the subscription plan, you can access 5400+ global servers, in 59 countries. Due to a large number of servers, you can get through the streaming site at any time. In addition, you can save 68% off on its 2-year plan making the monthly rate of $3.69.
  3. Surfshark – is a pocket-friendly VPN for live streaming. This VPN is fast-paced and boasts a solid connection between streaming sites with impressive security. By purchasing, get access to 3200+ global servers. Moreover, an 82% discount is available on its 2-year plan, so the cost will only be $2.49/month.

What is HBO Max? Why is HBO Max Geo-Restricted in Germany?

HBO Max is an American streaming platform that launched in May of 2020. The all-new streaming web provides content from many different production platforms and channels.

However, the popular site offers programs like DC, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, Looney Tunes, CNN, and HBO original series like Game of Thrones.

As HBO Max offers the best for its viewers in the USA, the site also has limitations in distribution to make its content safe from copyright issues. That is why HBO Max is blocked in other regions.

Why is HBO Max not working with a VPN?

It is an exceptional case. If you are using a Premium VPN service like ExpressVPN, you will never find any error using this service. However, in case of some real violations, your VPN stops working; simply switch to the other server of the same region and refresh the page to stream again.

If the problem is still there, then clear out your cache memory, remove the browsing history, or even you can switch to another VPN service.

Can I Use Free VPN to Unblock HBO Max in Germany?

Using free VPNs means you are compromising your security. We use VPNs to protect our private data from hackers. But the free VPN service provider can put you in danger.

Free VPN tracks your online activity and gathers all the data from you to sell your information to unknowns which is the biggest threat. It makes you less secure online.

Therefore, free VPNs are not recommended because no one wants to lose their confidential data.

Editors’ Choice VPNs to Watch HBO Max in Germany [Detailed Analysis]

Are you here to find some of the best VPNs to unblock HBO Max in Germany?

We have listed some best VPNs to bypass the restriction from HBO Max, which will give you the best experience. Below, you can briefly compare to help you decide on the best HBO Max VPN outside the USA.

Let’s have to get straight into it!

ExpressVPN – Highly Recommended VPN to Watch HBO Max in Germany

  • Fast-Paced VPN To watch your favorite content.
  • The subscription costs $6.67/month for its 1-year package.
  • 3000+ Servers In 90+ Countries.
  • Offers 30-days Money Back Guarantee.
  • Fast-Paced & Optimized Servers.
  • Media Streamer for Ultimate Streaming.
  • Ensure Military-Grade Security.
  • Works With All Streaming Platforms.
  • Works in China and the UAE.
  • Zero logs policy.
  • 24/7 live chat support.

NordVPN: Reliable VPN to Access HBO Max in Germany

  • Reliable VPN To Access Your Favorite Streaming Platform.
  • The subscription costs $3.49/month for its 2-year package.
  • 5200+ Servers In 50+ Countries Servers.
  • Offers 30-days Money Back Guarantee.
  • Highly Secure & Optimized Servers.
  • Features Highly Secure VPN System.
  • Works With All Streaming Platforms.
  • Works in China and the UAE.
  • Zero logs policy.
  • 24/7 live chat support.

Surfshark: Low-Cost VPN to Stream HBO Max in Germany

  • Pocket-Friendly VPN To unblock all the geo-restricted content.
  • The subscription costs $2.49/month for its 2-year package.
  • 3200+ Servers In 65+ Countries worldwide.
  • Offers 30-days Money Back Guarantee.
  • Limitless simultaneous connection at one time.
  • You can watch Hulu, Netflix, Disney Plus and everything else with Surfshark.

Criteria to choose the best HBO Max VPN?

The criteria for choosing VPN are based on Price, Speed, and Security. In addition, a VPN should be pocket friendly and give fast speed while streaming.

VPNs protect your confidential data from hackers, and thereby, they should always be reliable enough to get you ultimate security.

Moreover, it should have 24/7 customer support, optimized servers, & money-back guarantee.

Our mentioned VPNs surely fit the criteria, and if you are confused, our ultimate recommendation is ExpressVPN. So just connect to this VPN and enjoy the latest Shows.

Why Is HBO Max Not Available in Germany?

HBO Max has a strict Geo-restriction policy which does not allow access to their content from abroad. So instead, you can watch HBO Max in Germany or from anywhere you want using a premium VPN connection.

You just need to subscribe to a premium VPN to access all the amazing series they offer. ExpressVPN will do this Job for you sincerely.

How to create an HBO Max account in Germany?

Here is the good news for readers: you can easily create an HBO Max account from abroad. You just need to follow some simple steps to be assisted.

  1. Download & install a premium VPN service. ExpressVPN is highly recommended.
  2. Sign up to your VPN and connect to a server in the US.
  3. Go to HBO Max, and click on start to your free trial in the top right-hand corner.
  4. Enter your credentials to access HBO Max Account
  5. Enter a United States mailing address. If you don’t have a US mailing address, you can use the Address generator App.
  6. Enter your payment method.
  7. Open HBO Max and start streaming.

How much Cost of HBO Max in Germany?

HBO Max is the most popular streaming site in the United States, with a monthly subscription of 14.99 US dollars.

But the cost will increase if you are not in the United States because you need to subscribe to a VPN service to access HBO Max, which improves your overall cost.

How to Pay for HBO Max in Germany?

The service does not take payment from outside the region because HBO Max is strictly restricted by the geo-restrictions policy, which does not allow taking payment from outside the USA. Hence you should select any other method from the list below.

Method 1: Use an HBO Gift Card

Yes! You can use a digital gift card to pay for your HBO Max subscription plan. The easiest way to do this is through a US site, which does not require using a US payment method.

  1. Enter your email address when you purchase a Gift Card. The code will be emailed to you.
  2. Sign up and choose to enter the code which you received through Email.
  3. Sign in to your HBO Max account & kickstart streaming your favourite shows.

Method 2: Use a Third-Party Card Service

Third-party card service can prove to be a problem here, which means that if you have a friend in the US, you can acquire his credit card credentials to make a secure payment. For this.

  1. Connect with a secure VPN connection.
  2. Install the HBO Max app
  3. Choose a payment method like a Credit Card.
  4. Make a secure payment with your friend’s credit card.
  5. Now enjoy watching HBO Max from anywhere.

Method 3: Create a US Apple ID

  1. Download the HBO Max app on your iOS device.
  2. Open HBO Max, and click on the Profile icon (bottom edge on iPhone, left edge on iPads).
  3. Choose Sign in to your account.
  4. Choose a Plan.
  5. Choose the subscription plan you’d like: Ad-Free or With Ads and monthly or yearly billing.
  6. Now enjoy streaming HBO Max in Germany.

Difference Between HBO Go, HBO Max, and HBO Now

Let’s define the difference between these 3 most popular platforms in the United States.

1. HBO Go

HBO Go, and HBO Now has similarities in the content available on their web service. The only difference in this platform is there is no need for a cable if you have HOB Now TV.

On the other hand, HBO Go is a mobile app that requires HBO’s cable package to use on your mobile from anywhere.

2. HBO Now

HBO Now is like a VOD service that includes Netflix, amazon prime, and many more.

There is no need for a Cable TV subscription for HBO Now. Enjoy all the HBO Now content on your preferred device without a cable subscription.

3. HBO Max

HBO Max is a new streaming site recently launched by HBO that offers all the content of HBO Now, and it includes other content like Cartoon Network, Looney Tunes, and HBO original series Game of Thrones.

The Good news is that subscribers of HBO Max can access HBO Now without paying extra charges.

How to Download the HBO Max App in Germany?

Whether you have Android or iOS, you can download the HBO Max App by following these methods.

Whether you have Android or iOS, you can download the HBO Max App by following these methods.

HBO Max For Android Users

  1. Subscribe to ExpressVPN and download its application.
  2. Log in with your credentials.
  3. Connect with a US server.
  4. Install the HBO Max or head to its website.
  5. Sign up to create an account.
  6. You can start streaming your favourites.

HBO Max For iOS Users (iPhone and iPad)

  1. Subscribe to ExpressVPN’s plan and install its application.
  2. Login and connect to any US server.
  3. Now download the HBO Max from the Apple store.
  4. You can also use its website to download the app.
  5. Create a new account.
  6. Start streaming right away!

HBO Max For Smart TV Users

  1. Download a premium VPN. We recommend ExpressVPN.
  2. Connect it with a US server
  3. Visit your Wi-Fi router's admin.
  4. Connect it to your VPN network.
  5. Install the HBO Max app on your smart TV, and create a free account to start watching

HBO Max For Firestick Users

  1. Open your FireStick and Search.
  2. Download ExpressVPN then connects to the US server. By switching the unknown user.
  3. Add the word 'HBO Max' and press enter.
  4. The 'HBO Max app for Fire TV Stick' will come in the search results.
  5. Click 'Get.' And download the App.
  6. Open the HBO Max app after installing it.
  7. Go to the HBO Max app and log in with your credentials.
  8. Now you can start streaming HBO Max on Firestick in UK.

HBO Mac For Roku Users

  1. Open the ExpressVPN and connect it to your Wi-Fi router.
  2. Connect with the US server.
  3. Now insert your Roku stick into your smart TV through the HDMI port.
  4. Select HBO Max on the Roku home screen, and you are all set to watch HBO Max.

HBO Max For Xbox Users

  1. Select the Xbox menu, Choose "My games and Apps."
  2. Look for "HBO Max" in the "Xbox Store."
  3. Now click the "Install" button.

HBO Max For PlayStation Users

  1. Select the PlayStation menu, Choose "My games and Apps."
  2. Look for "HBO Max" in the "PlayStation Store."
  3. Now click the "Install" button.

HBO Max VPN Not Working? Here’s How To Fix It

It is very rare if you are using a premium VPN like ExpressVPN. However. However, in case you are facing an issue. Here are some tips to resolve this.

  1. Restart HBO Max and connect to the other server in the United States.
  2. Logout and restart your device
  3. Remove the cache memory
  4. Connect with another server
  5. Update HBO Max
  6. Try troubleshooting

If the problem is still there, you can connect with 24/7 customer support.

Fix HBO Max Error Codes 905, 100, 321

We have listed some steps to assist you in fixing HBO Max error codes.

  1. Fix if HBO Max is down.
  2. Update or reinstall HBO Max.
  3. Disable VPN
  4. Check your server location.
  5. Clear HBO Max cache.
  6. Check your internet connection.

Why is HBO Max so popular?

HBO Max is a New and the most popular streaming site with 10,000 hours of content to stream. The biggest strength of HBO Max is the huge variety in TV, Movies with adult and kids content.

Furthermore, a selection of High-profile TV shows like The Big Bang Theory, Rick & Morty, South Park, and Friends.

Unblock HBO Max in Your Country?

To unblock HBO Max, there is a need for a premium VPN. ExpressVPN is our top choice because it has fast speed and is more capable of unblocking restricted sites.

It also has large US server networks.

You just need to download ExpressVPN to connect to the US server and start streaming your favourite shows in Germany.

HBO Max Device Compatibility

  • Smart TVs (Samsung/LG/Vizio TV/Xfinity X1/Xfinity Flex)
  • Android (Phone/Tablets/TVs)
  • Apple (iPhone/iPad/TVs)
  • PlayStation (PS3/PS4/PS5)
  • Xbox (Xbox One/Series X/Series S)
  • Windows (OS 7/8/8.1/10/11)
  • Mac (OS Catalina, Big Sur, Monterey)
  • Chromecast (2nd/3rd Generation)
  • Roku (Roku 1, 2, 3, 4/Roku LT (2700X)/Roku Express/4K Roku Ultra)

HBO Max Reviews

HBO Max provides an impressive on-demand shows library and excellent features app.

Moreover, it offers exclusive shows and movies which people can’t miss. The site also provides downloads, multiple profiles, and other entertainment features.

Having an HBO Max subscription is undoubtedly worth the money; we recommend you get its subscription if you want some amazing content to get rid of bordem.

FAQs on HBO Max in Germany

Can I watch HBO Max for free?

HBO Max has suspended its free trial for a time frame; however, you can stay tuned with us to get the first flash of their free trial news.

Can you watch HBO Max without the app?

You don’t need an app to stream HBO Max, and rather you can directly visit HBO Max’s official site to get quick streaming without downloading its app.

Does ExpressVPN come with an HBO account?

No, ExpressVPN doesn’t come with an HBO account. You can only use ExpressVPN to unblock its geo-restrictions outside the USA.

Will using a VPN affect HBO video quality?

No, VPNs sometimes will slow down the video, but this is not the case if you have connected your device with ExpressVPN. It has highly optimized servers in the US; thereby, you won’t see any speed issues with ExpressVPN.

What if my VPN doesn’t work?

If your VPN doesn’t work, first clear out all of your cache memory. Then, you can try connecting to another server. Or, if the problem is still there, you should better switch to another VPN service.

How many people can watch HBO Max at once?

You can stream HBO Max on up to three devices simultaneously.

How do I change my location on HBO Max?

  • To choose a different location, click the ellipsis icon on the right.
  • Find different server locations or enter a specific one, then
  • Click the Power icon to connect.
  • When you open the HBO Max app, it will connect you to a virtual location.

Will HBO Max be available on Amazon Prime?

You can not access HBO Max on Amazon Prime, as its streaming is not available as an add-on to Amazon Prime.

How can I sign up for HBO max without a US credit card?

  1. Download a VPN on your iOS or Android device
  2. Connect With Any Of Its US Server
  3. Create a new Apple ID or Google Play Store account.
  4. Download the HBO Max app.
  5. Use your PayPal account to pay for the subscription.

Do you get HBO Max for free if you have HBO?

If you have acquired a cable subscription for HBO, you can access HBO Max.

Does HBO Max Works in Germany?

No, HBO Max does not works in Germany but you can still watch HBO in Germany with the help of a premium VPN. Our recommendation is ExpressVPN.


HBO Max is undoubtedly a thriving streaming platform that has gained immense popularity across the globe. If you want to access HBO Max but don’t know how to watch HBO Max in Germany, this guide is all there to help you out.

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