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How to Watch Adult Swim in UK [May 2024 Updated]

adult swim in uk
Watch Adult Swim in UK

Adult Swim

How to Watch Adult Swim in UK [May 2024 Updated]

Does Adult Swim work in UK? No, Adult Swim does not work in UK but you can still watch Adult Swim in UK with a VPN. We recommend ExpressVPN.

Table of Contents

How to Watch Adult Swim in UK [3 Easy Steps]

  1. Subscribe to ExpressVPN and install its application.
  2. Login and connect with a US server.
  3. Download Adult Swim App & stream all content live!

Why You Need a VPN to Access Adult Swim in UK

As Adult Swim is restricted outside the USA, and you are traveling somewhere or not a resident of the United States, you will not be able to watch Adult Swim until you have a VPN subscription.

VPN provides an option to replace your IP with the US IP which will look like you are residing in the USA and you have the right to watch Adult Swim.

Whenever you try to access Adult Swim without using VPN, the notification pop-up.

“This Video is not available in your region”.

adult swim geo error

Therefore you need a VPN to bypass restrictions in order to watch your favorite shows.

Quick Overview – 3 Best VPNs to Watch Adult Swim in UK

  1. ExpressVPN – is the fastest VPN that provides a premium experience. In addition, it has a good reputation for unblocking streaming sites. You can get 3000+ global servers in 94+ countries with ExpressVPN. Save up to 49% on its 1-year plan and stream any show. This way, you will only pay $6.67/month.
  2. NordVPN – is a secure VPN for reliable streaming. With the subscription plan, you can access 5400+ global servers, in 59 countries. Due to a large number of servers, you can get through the streaming site at any time. In addition, you can save 68% off on its 2-year plan making the monthly rate of $3.69.
  3. Surfshark – is a pocket-friendly VPN for live streaming. This VPN is fast-paced and boasts a solid connection between streaming sites with impressive security. By purchasing, get access to 3200+ global servers. Moreover, an 82% discount is available on its 2-year plan, so the cost will only be $2.49/month.

What is Adult Swim? Why Is Adult Swim Content Not Available in UK?

Adult Swim is an American-based online streaming website. Which is more popular among adults. This streaming site broadcasts different TV shows such as Ricky & Morty. American Dad, and live stream at night along with On-demand shows.

As the site is US-based. It has strong restrictions because of copyright issues. The broadcasting partner does not allow the content to be onair outside the USA. However, with a premium VPN you can unblock all restrictions from your favorite site like Adult Swim.

Why Is Adult Swim Restricted in UK?

Yes Adult Swim is restricted in UK! Cartoon Network started its Adult content platform back in 2001 “Adult Swim Television Network”. The channel initiative was for those who love to watch adult content. But sadly the content is only available in USA, which means if you want to watch Adult Swim you have to be in America.

But you can access its streaming services in UK if you have a premium quality VPN subscription.

Can I use a Free VPN to stream Adult Swim in UK?

Usage of free VPN is risky, therefore using free VPN is not recommended.

Free VPN services are not capable of providing premium service to the users of VPN because of fewer servers. Adult Swim can easily detect free VPN and block them.

Free VPN provides services free of cost but it is earning profit from you.

Free VPN providers promise to keep your data safe but they sell it to third parties and earn profit in this way. Therefore using a free VPN is like putting your data at risk.

Editors’ Choice VPNs to Watch Adult Swim in UK [Detailed Analysis]

After testing many VPNs we have found some best VPN which is made to unblock Adult Swim websites. Have a look below.

ExpressVPN – Highly Recommended VPN to Watch Adult Swim in UK

  • Fast-Paced VPN To watch your favorite content.
  • The subscription costs $6.67/month for its 1-year package.
  • 3000+ Servers In 90+ Countries.
  • Offers 30-days Money Back Guarantee.
  • Fast-Paced & Optimized Servers.
  • Media Streamer for Ultimate Streaming.
  • Ensure Military-Grade Security.
  • Works With All Streaming Platforms.
  • Works in China and the UAE.
  • Zero logs policy.
  • 24/7 live chat support.

NordVPN: Reliable VPN to Access Adult Swim in UK

  • Reliable VPN To Access Your Favorite Streaming Platform.
  • The subscription costs $3.49/month for its 2-year package.
  • 5200+ Servers In 50+ Countries Servers.
  • Offers 30-days Money Back Guarantee.
  • Highly Secure & Optimized Servers.
  • Features Highly Secure VPN System.
  • Works With All Streaming Platforms.
  • Works in China and the UAE.
  • Zero logs policy.
  • 24/7 live chat support.

Surfshark: Low-Cost VPN to Stream Adult Swim in UK

  • Pocket-Friendly VPN To unblock all the geo-restricted content.
  • The subscription costs $2.49/month for its 2-year package.
  • 3200+ Servers In 65+ Countries worldwide.
  • Offers 30-days Money Back Guarantee.
  • Limitless simultaneous connection at one time.
  • You can watch Hulu, Netflix, Disney Plus and everything else with Surfshark.

Methodology: Finding the best VPNs for Adult Swim

Just like any other streaming platform the Adult Swim does require a VPN connection. Hence for this, we have gone through thorough testing to help you find the best VPN solution possible.

Whether it is speed, the number of servers, or reliability you won’t find any other option better than ExpressVPN. If that seems quite expensive then having a Surfshark can help you to save extra bucks.

Nord on the other hand helps you to find servers from any location! It has a huge network of servers that you can connect with from anywhere at any time.

Is Adult Swim Free in UK?

Adult Swim is an American Online streaming site and it has strong restrictions from its policymakers.

This means the site is not available in UK and if you want to watch Adult Swim in UK, you have to subscribe to a premium VPN which is not free. You need to pay some amount to access Adult Swim.

How to Register for Adult Swim in UK?

To register for Adult Swim in UK you should have a premium VPN and subscription of any following cable providers.

  • AT&T U-verse
  • COX
  • DISH

You can ask a friend for help and share their cable provider’s account details. In this way, you can watch Adult Swim in UK.

How much does Adult Swim Cost?

There are many cable providers and each provider sets its cost accordingly. For example, watching Adult Swim through DirecTV Stream will cost you $69.99 per month. So the price varies upon the cable you are connected with.

Channels Other than Adult Swim to Access in UK

You can watch the following channels as an alternative to Adult Swim in UK.

  • Disney+
  • Paramount+
  • Hulu
  • Peacock TV
  • Ticketmaster
  • HBO Max
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • NBC
  • Tubi

How do I Download Adult Swim App in UK

Here is how you can download Adult Swim App in UK:

Adult Swim For Android Users

  1. Subscribe to ExpressVPN and download its application.
  2. Log in with your credentials.
  3. Connect with a US server.
  4. Install Adult Swim or head to its website.
  5. Sign up to create an account.
  6. You can start streaming your favorites.

Adult Swim For iOS Users

  1. Subscribe to ExpressVPN’s plan and install its application.
  2. Login and connect to any US server.
  3. Now download Adult Swim from the Apple store.
  4. You can also use its website to download the app.
  5. Create a new account.
  6. Start streaming right away!

Adult Swim For Apple TV or Roku Users

In order to activate the blocked Adult Swim content, first, go to the Adult Swim Setting option on the Roku, and select the TV Provider Login. Now visit on your device hit your streaming device to select it.

Adult Swim For Xbox USers

To access Adult Swim on Xbox, you’ll have to configure your VPN on the router and connect your Xbox to the router.

You can't connect VPN directly on your Xbox, for this you will need to configure your VPN connection on your router that is connected to your Xbox. Once your VPN is connected, you can access Adult Swim via the Xbox browser.

Adult Swim For Chromecast Users

Following channels on Chromecast support the Adult Swim;

  • Hulu with Live TV
  • Sling TV
  • FuboTV
  • PlayStation Vue
  • YouTube TV
  • DirecTV Now

How to Watch Adult Swim in UK Without Cable?

If you want to watch Adult Swim in UK without cable, there are some other applications that allow you to watch Adult Swim and many other Streaming sites. You can choose from these available services.

  • PlayStation Vue
  • YouTube TV
  • DirecTV Now
  • Hulu with Live TV
  • Sling TV
  • FuboTV

Unblock Adult Swim in Your Country?

You can unblock Adult Swim and can be accessed through a premium and secure VPN service.

ExpressVPN is our top recommendation to unblock Adult Swim from anywhere in the world. VPN will change your IP address to the US IP it seems like you are accessing from the USA.

Adult Swim Devices Compatibility

  • Smart TVs (Samsung/LG/Vizio TV/Xfinity X1/Xfinity Flex)
  • Android (Phone/Tablets/TVs)
  • Apple (iPhone/iPad/TVs)
  • PlayStation (PS3/PS4/PS5)
  • Xbox (Xbox One/Series X/Series S)
  • Windows (OS 7/8/8.1/10/11)
  • Mac (OS Catalina, Big Sur, Monterey)
  • Chromecast (2nd/3rd Generation)
  • Roku (Roku 1, 2, 3, 4/Roku LT (2700X)/Roku Express/4K Roku Ultra)

Time to Reviews on Adult Swim

Adult Swim is one of the best streaming sites that offers on-demand shows.

It offers huge content and you can access all the content to watch with your loved one. However, Adult Swim is not for children because of violence, there are some shows like Ricky and Morty which are not appropriate for children.

FAQs on Adult Swim in UK

Is Adult Swim available in UK?

No, Adult Swim is not available in UK but you can watch Adult Swim in UK if you use a VPN. We recommend ExpressVPN.

How can I stream Adult Swim in UK?

If you want to stream Adult Swim in UK then you will surely need a VPN connection to connect with a US server. Download the Adult Swim app, install a VPN connection, connect with its US server, and kickstart streaming Adult swim.

Is it legal to unblock Adult Swim in UK with a VPN?

Yes, there is no harm in unblocking Adult Swim in UK. You can easily unblock Adult Swim using a VPN connection.

Should I use a free VPN to stream Adult Swim?

No, we won’t recommend you to use a free VPN. As these VPNs are not reliable enough to be acquired as a source to access free VPN.

Is Adult Swim on Channel 5?

Yes, Adult Swim is available on Channel 5.

What are the new TV shows on Adult Swim?

  • Obi-Wan Kenobi.
  • Under the Banner of Heaven.
  • The Offer.
  • We Own This City.
  • Star Trek: Strange New Worlds.

Can I watch Toonami Online on Adult Swim?

Yes, Adult Swim features Toonami online that you can live stream.

What is the best way to watch Rick and Morty?

The best way to watch Rick & Morty is none but Adult Swim.

How many devices can I use at the same time on Adult Swim in UK?

You will have to check with the service provider’s instructions that will guide you on how many devices you can simultaneously manage on Adult Swim.

Can we access Adult Swim with a VPN or DNS server?

Yes, you can opt for both sources to access Adult Swim but VPN is the only reliable source compared to DNS. For this, we recommend using ExpressVPN.

Wrapping It Up!

To wrap it up! You can watch Adult Swim in UK with a top-notch VPN connection. So, don’t waste your time and get a quick connection to live stream your favorite content without any trouble. If further guidance is required on how to watch Adult Swim in UK, you can ask us via the comment section given below.

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